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WMV designs and builds automated and manual machines that treat mass produced bulk parts in a variety processes. The processes include but are not limited to:

• Washing • Drying
• Deoiling • Dip-spin-tilt coating
• Waxing • Chromating Part loading and unloading
WMV designs and builds automated and manual machines that treat mass produced bulk parts in a variety processes.

Washing Equipment



Washing EquipmentWMV bulk part washing machines offer a unique solution to address the many challenges that companies face when cleaning parts is required. 

Special gentle bin dumping modules are supplied to gently transfer parts to a bulk storage unit that then distributes the parts to baskets that will be transferred through the washing line.  In some cases the bin dumper can be supplied with an automatic bin washing system.

WMV systems are designed to prevent part mixing.  Having parts transferred through the process in individual baskets allows parts to be deoiled, washed, rinsed and dried all in the same basket.  This assures parts are not mixed during the washing process.

Placing the parts in baskets also assures your parts are handled gently and receive the highest level of cleaning possible.  Process solution is continuously introduced to the parts during washing and rinsing.  While washing and rinsing the basket of parts is tilted and rotated to continuously allow parts to roll across each other.  The continuous movement of parts is gentle and provides mechanical in addition to chemical cleaning.  After each step of the process the baskets are rotated at a high RPM to centrifuge off solution.  Centrifuging prevents drag out of chemistry from one stage of the process to the next.   Preventing drag out reduces the amount of fresh waster, chemistry and wastewater treatment that is used.  Counter flowing solution tanks to create additional efficiencies is also our standard. 

After washing parts can be treated with additional solutions and dried in a highly efficient WMV centrifuge drier.  The final step is to determine what level of gentle handling and automatic material handling is required.

 Our team of highly capable engineers can assist your company explore the many options that will ultimately offer a solution that meets and exceeds the challenge for washing and handling your parts.

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