Flexible Coating SystemsThe WMV TULZ coating module is a perfect solution for companies that coat parts with a variety of paints. Gentle handling and repeat ably achieving high quality coated parts at high volumes assures our customers profit from their investment in WMV equipment.

The process steps are:


Place the basket of parts into the coating machine.

Dip the basket of parts in the paint.

Remove the basket of parts from the paint.

Spin the basket of parts at a high speed to achieve the desired coating weight.

If recess head fill and puddling is an issue the module can be tilted and the basket rotated to reorient parts prior to a second high speed spin off.

Remove the basket of parts from the coating module.

After coating parts can be automatically distributed into trays or onto a conveyor belt that carry the parts through an oven to cure the paint. Our team of highly capable engineers can assist your company explore the many options that will ultimately offer a solution that meets and exceeds the challenge of coating and gently handling your parts.