System Integration of Surface Finishing, Washers and Dip-Spin-Tilt Paint Equipment and Systems


Saving our customer's resources (money) and assuring quality finishing results was our mission over thirty five years ago when we built our first industrial washer. The idea was to place mass produced parts in a basket and spin the mass at a high rotational speed before and after various treatment processes to recover excess solution. Recipe control of the treatment processes assures that quality results are achieved.

Our Process

  Spinning parts before a treatment process reduces the amount of contamination that is brought to the next process by up to 95%. Spinning parts after a treatment process can recover valuable chemistry plus minimize drag out of treatment solution. This saves valuable resources such as chemistry, fresh water, waste water treatment and the maintenance of solution baths.


Our Quality


Our quality machines and superior service for over 30 years is what has earned us industry wide respect. Our team of experienced engineers has the process knowledge and expertise to assure you that a WMV machine is the perfect investment for your future. The machines are dependable, flexible and expandable.