System Integration of Surface Finishing, Washers and Dip-Spin-Tilt Paint Equipment and Systems

Professional ServicesProfessional Services

Our machines are designed and supplied to meet the specific requirements of a customer's processing and material handling objectives. Gently handling parts to prevent part damage and preventing mixed parts is our standard.

Headquartered in Windeck, Germany WMV is the leading global supplier of automated centrifuge bulk metal finishing equipment. Our machines are robust, cost effective, high production systems that meet and exceed our customer's expectations.

Process Control

Process control, tracking parts, data collection and the archiving of data is possible and in many cases necessary when processing critical parts.  WMV works very closely with our software partner AMT to provide the highest level of process control, process visualization, scheduling to optimize output and process flexibility using a highly flexible modular control system .  An operator interface assists operators to easily monitor the system with real time graphics.  Maintenance modules are provided to assist skilled trade personnel to diagnose machine issues via accurate real time feedback of electrical components, online machine manuals and electrical schematics.  For more than 25 years AMT has been the most innovative company for the development of control systems in the field of electro-plating surface finishing, other plants for surface treatment as well as water treatment, storage systems, and waste water post-processing plants.

Moreover, they control many types of automatic systems and sub systems such as semi-automatic loading and charging equipment, baking oven loading, rack treatment and material handling equipment. The AMT control system allows everything to be concentrated in one control system that is  modular and flexible.

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